Five years ago when I was getting ready to go to college I met a boy on fb that went to the same school that I wanted to go to. We talked and talked and we started developed feelings for each other. For monetary reasons I couldn’t attend that school and he transfer to a school in Canada. We continued our relationship but it wasn’t the same. We fought all the time and we were on and off all the time. We met a couple times and things just never felt right. He was very distant, and although we only saw each other a couple times a year, he was never affectionate with me. for the first four years of our relationship every time we saw each other we never had sex. Three years ago I met another boy in the college where I was attending and we became a couple. He is so darling. I just feel bad because although he was giving me everything that I wanted, I couldn’t get the other guy out of my head. I continue my relationship with the long distance bf as well as with my current bf. I’m dating both. This July I met up with the long distance boy and we had sex for the first time. I feel terrible but i just can’t tell my current bf (the guy from my college) Both of them talk to me about marriage but I know I will never ever be able to marry neither one of them .