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Not everyone has to like gay people or think they need all these special rights they’re getting. It isn’t anyone else’s fault if you’re confused about your gender, what bathroom you’re supposed to use, and who you’re supposed to want to fuck. Being homosexual is deviant, and we normal Americans with normal families, normal children, normal marriages, and normal ways of living, are tired of the homosexuals and lesbians and bisexuals and trans..whatevers, telling us we have to agree with them, alter our lives for them, tell our kids about them, and make special spaces for them. I don’t like the gays and lesbians near me, I don’t want them around my children in schools, I don’t want them allowed being doctors and nurses and police and politicians, I certainly don’t think that churches should have to open doors to them, and alter their entire faith and belief for them! You don’t get to tell God how things are going to be. God makes it pretty darn clear what the homosexuals are all about, and how He feels. I think I’ll stick with God instead of left-wing, libtards and their amoral ideas, and un-American ways of thinking. How can you trust people who make it publicly known that they hate God, and work to dismantle America one right and one Amendment at a time? If the homos had it their way, Christianity would be banned, our children would be taken from us and given to homosexual or les couples to turn them transhomo and gay, and Christians would be slaughtered just like in the Holocaust. Christianity has been under serious brutal attack since Obama was allowed to take office, and even as hard as Trump is fighting back to restore our nation from that Obama era tyranny that nearly destroyed our lives, Christians are being constantly bullied, beat into corners, picked-one ruthlessly, blamed for everything, called names, accused of being hate-mongers and violent, and silenced by the government over and over. We are shoved out of the schools, and our kids are told they can’t pray, say the pledge,or read the Bible. They are ridiculed for wearing crosses and any shirt or wristband with Jesus on it, the homo and tranny kids push them around and isolate them, and the schools let it happen in the name of political correctness, and “diversity.” If you even attempt to teach your Christian children about morals, traditional family, right and wrong, and what God wants for them, you’re called a bad parent and told you’re “brainwashing” your child and teaching them hate and intolerance! This world has gone mad! God is love. He is about mercy and forgivness, and is the only one who can save these queers from themselves. Americans need to grow a pair, get their spines back, and stand up to these degenerates and stop them from persecuting normal society, fight them off from harming more of our children, defend God and our Christian faith, and send these low-life sinners and pedos and sickos back to the shady parts of their overpopulated, ran-down, drug infested, filthy, AIDS ridden, cities they started crawling out of in the 80’s with the help of liberalism and atheists. They’ve been descending upon us like a plague since AIDS was given to them as wrath from God, and then Obama ushered them in with open arms, free healthcare and condoms, legal gay prostitution, more government funded homo and lez nightclubs and bars, made-up fake “gay churches”, giving them jobs that deal directly with the public so they have full access, and then giving them free stuff, like food stamps, houses, cars, college, money… You name it. If you say you’re a homosexual you get all that for free. I looked it up and studied it! So don’t even come at me and try to say I’m wrong homosexuals are pampered by OUR taxes! The liberals want them to be around kids to influence them, so give them jobs that will enable them to work around children, and now they have all those laws the libs and feminists saying that kids don’t even have to tell their parents where they are, or if they go to an abortion clinic, or get birth control and condoms! This is total insanity! It is an outrage! The homos and libs have taken our rights away over our own children, so that they can go to those disgraceful places and be taught how to be gay. That’s why we have this influx of millienials now who are all homos and les and trans whatever. They have been programmed to think that way. YET, it is forbidden and suppressed to raise them to be Godly, decent, and normal! More and more young kids are turning out atheist and homo. There’s something deeply wrong in our nation, our souls, and our minds. We’ve lost ourselves and are losing our kids to Satan. Like it or not, America is a Biblical nation. We were founded in Christianity. Our Constitution is scripture based. Our Founding Fathers were Christian men and are rolling in their graves! Trump is turning this around, but Americans, you need to stop apologizing for being Christian, or for being white, or for being a man, or for being straight normal and intelligent! Stop backing down because you’re afraid of hurting these snowflakes feelings, because they are far from fragile little people. They are toxic and a thread. Do you all really want your kids to wined up that way? I can’t think of a worse fate than my children telling me they were gay, or a liberal. I have raises them SO much better, and America needs to get back to the great nation we once were, and every American needs to make their voice heard.


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  1. Anonymous

    i agree with you. im so sick of the gay stuff and the transsexual stuff

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah but going on hateful spiels like this isn’t helping anyone. if you want to help the gays change you pray for them and offer counseling and support. you listen to the reasons they give for being gay and what happened to them to maybe make them that way. some have been abused or grew up with out a parent of the opposite sex so don’t know what a normal life is or how a normal family is supposed to be. don’t judge them help them. invite to church. invite them to a bible study. invite them out for a coffee or something and just listen. your only pushing people away from church and god when you say these things and using those words like homos and queer and stuff isn’t very nice or very christian. i’m sure Jesus would agree with me about that.

  3. Anonymous

    You moron! Christians have more rights in America than any other group! Your churches don’t even have to pay taxes, but still get to have a say in our laws that affect everyone else. Your allowed to discriminate against anyone you want and exclude any group you hate, and then say it’s all about your deeply held religious beliefs, so no one can do anything about. You want to have a discussion about special rights? Look at YOUR own religion! I’ve never seen so many special rights given than those given to Christians!

    • Anonymous

      What special rights do Christians have? I am curious. Because I’m not even that religious really and I can see the unfair attacks on religious freedom in happening in this country. There is a movement on the left that does want to take away religious rights. Like it or not we do have religious freedom in this country, and it does take a priority over a lot of other things. Christians had rights long before gays did. Protecting a private citizen’s right to not have to interact with anyone they don’t want to is important. We can’t just make people hang around people they don’t care for, or do business with them. People still can make their own choices about their own company. Why do gays want to alter that? Gays ARE shoving their lifestyle onto this country. Just last week I think it was, Denver painted their streets with a rainbow colors. Why? It isn’t San Fran is it? It isn’t a city that is only populated by homosexuals is it? So why do that? If Christians painted crosses all over the streets, everyone would be in an uproar over it, when in reality Christians have more rights to do that, than gays have to put rainbows all over. Which, just FYI, gays DO use to mock Christianity and purposefully offend Christians. So it really does seem like the gays are being the bullies lately.

      • Anonymous

        So the only people that matter are Christians now? Because they had rights first? That isn’t even logical. Do we take away rights from blacks now, and make them less than human once again, because they didn’t have rights before white people did? Do we take away women’s voting rights, because they didn’t have them first? That is such an absurd argument, that the only people who get rights, are the ones who had them first. Also, the rainbow pride colors have nothing to do with mocking Christians. The colors each have a meaning. Google it, it isn’t that hard. Not everything gays do is about pissing off Christians. It is about marching forward for their basic human rights that are constantly being chipped at. Christians are NOT the persecuted class in America, not even close, not even in the same realm. Get over it. Just because you can’t use force to keep an entire segment of the population subservient to you, doesn’t mean you’re being oppressed and attacked.

  4. Anonymous

    Religion has made your brain into a tiny, teeny little ball of mush and phony rage. You’re silly perceived persecutions alone are enough that a judge, maybe a gay judge, should sign a psych evaluation order on you, and lock you up for 72 hours in a mental hospital. You’re all over the place with your nonsense, calling gay people slurs, making soft passive threats, calling the wagons together from “every American”, with the nonsense assumption that we all somehow agree with you. Then you complain that you’re the one being “beat into a corner” and “brutally attacked.” Not only is there ZERO war against Christianity and its followers, but you’re the ones that historically ( and I meaan WAAAAY back for centuries up until this very day including your rant here) that has been causing the struggle, strife, war, hate, inquisitions, pitch-fork witch hunts genocide, inequality, and overall levels of discrimination tacits, against anyone you even slightly dislike, or who disagrees with you. I’ve never seen such loud-mouth, foul, crying babies as Christians the second someone is smarter than they are, or they don’t get their unfettered way about everything. In fact, that’s why so many of you’re so full of misplaced rage, and have a goofy oppression complex now, because when you’re used to being in total control, when you’re used to always getting things to go in your direction, when you’re used to being the unquestioned exulted ones, suddenly it feels like a mass attack on you when you finally hear the word, “NO!” for the first time in your adult life. You’re no different than a bunch of spoiled toddlers, screaming, throwing yourselves on the floor, hitting yourselves, and breaking your toys, because someone told you that you don’t get to watch another episode of Paw Patrol, and no more cookies after dinner. Except, that it’s on a massive, national scale, and you’re all a bunch of sniveling, pathetic, overgrown infants doing it, so it’s especially repugnant, annoying, and pathological. You don’t get to determine what is normal, not by a long shot. You certainly don’t get to make a call to arms for all citizens, a vast majority that fully think you’re insane and want nothing to do with the likes of you, and your ilk, for a number of reasons. Homosexuality has LONG since been proven to be normal, that’s why way back in the 70’s, over forty years ago, it was taken out of the diagnostic manuals as a mental illness. Religious delusions however? Eh, not so much. You can still be diagnosed, institutionalized, and medicated over those if they get too out of hand. I realize that most religious people, overall, but especially the American brand of Christianity that has WAY too much power, are stuck in a time warp, and MOST of you think the world is anywhere between 6,000 to 10,000 years old, that climate change is somehow a slight, that the idea of evolution from a species is unbelievable , but women magically appearing from a rib is reasonable, and some of you even believe the Earth is flat, so it would explain why you’re completely confused and lost, believing that being gay is abnormal compared to being straight. However, please catch up with the times. Not just about the gay and normal thing, but the AIDS thing as well. You sound like a broken record going on about “GOD’S WRATH!” that should have been chucked out in 1989. I’m not even addressing the cock and bull about “teaching kids to be gay”, and “taking away parental rights” because teenagers can get birth control. I will let you run with that,because I’m sure it’s amusing to your co-workers and neighbors to listen to you babble on.

    • Anonymous

      dude shut up! no one has to fucking like gay people! get over yourself. we are allowed opinions. not everyone has to agree with it. what ever happened to free speech and opinions? you can’t force someone to be all cool with gay people. i don’t care what people say about it being normal or whatever it isn’t considered or is considered by doctor anymore, people are STILL allowed to have their opinion and they don’t have to agree with it! let people live their life and you live yours. why can’t gay people just do that!

      • Anonymous

        No sweetie, facts are NOT opinions. When something has been researched, studied, and scientifically/medically proven , it isn’t an opinion anymore. If you’re a giant homophobe and you hate gay people, that’s your CHOICE, you don’t get to defend it with saying it’s an opinion or free speech. You’re opinion is wrong, it is proven, wrong, therefore you hate , just to be be hateful and ignorant. How sensible does it sound to say something like, “It is my opinion that being straight isn’t normal. I don’t have to agree with it! It’s wrong!” Does that make an iota of sense?

        • Anonymous

          how dumb can you be? being straight i wrong now? being straight IS what is natural and normal. what the hell? we’re teaching people that being straight is the wrong thing now! When did that start???? How stupid can you be? If everyone was gay, human would stop existing because last I checked two dudes or two chicks can’t make a baby on their own. You need a MAN and you need a WOMAN. You need semen and ovarys! damn we are getting stupid in this country. you trying to talk about medically proven facts and you don’t even know how babys are made!

          • Anonymous

            That’s because liberals hate children and want women to get abortions, and use birth control pills, which are the same thing as abortion. They kill the baby in the womb when the woman gets pregnant by a man. Liberals have messed up everything and think they are smarter than god! They are in for a big surprize someday!

            • Anonymous

              Birth control pill are not the same as abortion, and they don’t destroy the fetus! They prevent fertilization from the start. And there are other methods of birth control besides pills. No one wants all women to get abortions but birth control usage would be nice, and those against birth control are usually the ones who should be using it instead of having kid after kid.

            • Anonymous

              You must be Catholic. Only Catholic say such misinformed and uneducated things, because most of you don’t know any better. You’re literally taught that way about contraception. I feel bad for you, and feel bad for Catholic women. They simply have never been told that they’re worth isn’t reflective only of how many times they get pregnant.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, that metaphor went right over your head, didn’t it?

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