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I never was a religious person, but one of my good friends who is a very devout Christian has been kindly suggesting me to attend night services, and hopefully one day begin attending church. She has some image of who she thinks I am but in reality, I have a lot of doubt and hatred towards Jesus Christ. If he really was so perfect and powerful, why do we have so many problems in this world? Sexual crimes, domestic and animal abuse, war, poverty, disease, climate control, pollution, and just some straight up fucked up history as humans to name a few.

I get angry every time I even see or hear people preaching of how perfect God is, because all I see is the imperfect world that we live in. Us humans have made it pure hell, and for God creating the first two humans, I believe that was a mistake that is unforgivable, even for him.


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  1. Anonymous

    My opinion:

    I am personally against Abrahmic religions. I feel that they discourage self responsibility and rob people of their inner authority and autonomy, whilst at the same time promoting ignorance and separation amongst mankind. They rule entirely out of fear, the idea being that you are born a sinner, but if you apologize (for being born), then you can be admitted to the high kingdom of eternal bliss. However, there are other spiritual practices throughout the world that talk about fear, and how it is evil. They are not meaning that you will burn eternally for it, but that it will damage your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, preventing you from evolving if you are unable to overcome it. These practices put emphasis on individual growth, as well as encourage an understanding of how you interact with the world and how you can help it (read: the betterment of humanity). I don’t blame you for despising Christianity. I feel that anyone aware of their faculties should have an issue with it. Also, there is no man above the clouds watching and guiding all of this. That’s not how this works. The god that people speak of is the natural order that the entire universe abides by. It’s the dance of creation, preservation, and destruction. The problems we face within society stem from sociopathic tendencies. This is caused by a disconnect with the rest of the world/society. Survival of the fittest only applies to the passing of genetics. The only reason we humans have made it as far as we have is because we have stuck together. We work together as a community to solve problems and care for each other.
    I know where you are coming from. Growing up in the Midwest I have been to several different Christian churches with my friends, and I never liked any of them. If you are uncomfortable, tell her. If she doesn’t respect your decision then that’s on her. Do not let her pressure you into joining if you don’t want to.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m not christian but you know what i believe , god created earth and space but the one thing he didn’t create was time and that means time was always there just never measured , time is as powerful as god itself, thats why you never see god manipulating time in any ways in any holy books. HE LIVES OUTSIDE TIME AND SPACE . god gave man the freedom of choice ,our choices led to these horrible things. Perfection is a word used by humans and GOD isn’t perfect, he is an angry , merciless being, if he forgives he never lets you forget. Blaming god is like scapegoating a goat for a volcano eruption. he might have seen it happening and done nothing but that doesn’t mean he caused it. I don’t believe JESUS is GOD and they will never have proof of it . JESUS said he is the son of god and then went on to say we are all the sons of god . his followers were uneducated people who believed him literally rather than figuratively , everytime that dude spoke he literally talked in stories and metaphors and for some reason out of all the shit he said all they got out of it was he is the SON of god … he was a practicing jew who could recite the whole torah at the age of 13 and he was a kaballah reader hence the reason why he was able to do miracles. Blame mankind and praise god for being alive don’t do it the other way. god didn’t do this man did . men are the only being that kill because they want to and not because they need to

  3. Anonymous

    I’m a Christian, but I know where you’re coming from. It’s hard to believe that there’s a loving God even in the midst of a broken world, but there is. God doesn’t want all of these things to happen. He wants us to love Him. When He made Adam and Eve, He gave them free will because He wanted them to choose to love Him, rather than making them and all other humans robots. The reason for this is because choosing to love Him means we really genuinely love Him, but if He had made us all love Him, it wouldn’t be genuine love. That’s kind of like when you go to a friend’s house and you have to eat something they made and pretend you like it just to be nice. So it’s understandable why God wouldn’t want that kind of love. However, with that free will came the ability to sin. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit God told them not to, disobeying Him, sin entered the world. With that sin came death and every trial known to man, such as war and disease. So while I understand why you’re angry towards God, I encourage you to be honest with your friend, maybe she can introduce you to a pastor or leader who can help you walk through this and understand it a bit more. I also encourage you to go to church with her because you might come to find that you enjoy it.

  4. Anonymous

    I understand completely and feel the same way, somthing bad happend to someone I know and she was a very devoted Christian, sometimes I think it’s better to not believe than to believe in a god that would let these bad things happen.

  5. No one

    i dont know what to say entirely. Look, i am mormon. I believe in God and Jesus and the Holy spirit. I promise god didn’t make wars happen, he doesn’t want war and he loves you. i can see where your thoughts are coming from but i know that god loves everyone who ever walked the earth- yeah. you! he wants you to have something to believe in. why would we have been sent to earth if we didnt have trails to face? God doesnt want to punish us. he wants to reward us when we do what’s right! I love you!!

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