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City Councilman Scott Whitehead of North Plains Oregon is a bitter pig of a man

City Councilman Scott Whitehead of North Plains Oregon is one of the most dishonest people to govern this tiny town. He was removed as police chief for watching porn while on duty. Now he is trying to destroy the city from the Council in 2015. Hard to believe someone who is prohibited from serving as an officer because he betrayed the public trust could be elected. .




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  1. John doe

    I like how you don’t have the balls to leave your name. If Scott was fired for watching porn please tell us how you know that. I would love to know. I was told the city ended his contract, and he was decertified for lying on a certification application for DPSST. Although I don’t like Scott very much you really don’t have your facts right. You must be one of Billies buddy’s or a complete moron. Remember if bill can sue for slander so can Scott and every one else you talk about.

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  3. arko gelule cetone de framboise

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