One thing about my current job that really riles me is the other graphic designer. He’s older than me and should be more experienced (and is probably on a lot more than I’m on (sexist)), but he’s forever asking stupid questions and making mistakes, I’m not saying I don’t because we all do; he just seems to make a lot more than me but never gets picked up on it (whereas I made one mistake which we managed to correct before damage was done and my oh so lovely manager too me into a meeting room and made me feel so bad that I could of potentially lost the company £15,000 in what felt like a verbal warning even though she said it wasn’t). He just constantly puts out bad vibes in the office and doesn’t listen, makes the most irritating of noises and is genuinely the biggest pr*** I’ve ever met. He legitimately had an argument with the textile designer because she was trying to help him; he swore as her and caused so much tension that now they barely talk. I have days off and come back to emails where the whole body of the email is in the subject title (did no one teach him email equate) and asking for stuff that he could of quite easily found if he’d just got up of his arse and started up my mac. I also had to find something on his emails and found an email where he basically slagged off one of my labels as it looked too much like one of his he’d done 3 YEARS AGO! All because he can’t handle meetings where he is questioned, and practically blamed me for the meeting even though I was just following our old managers instructions. This email seemed to be composed around the time he kicked off with the other designer, so I’m guessing he’s not liked me for a while either. Also I’m sorry but purposely peering round his mac and looking at me every so often is starting to get really creepy. He acts so superior yet he’s just a little weasel who needs sacking. I may sound petty but after 6 years of trying to cope with his shit I’ve had enough.