I am so SICK & TIRED of bullshit college professors!! They think they’re hard asses with their PhDs & the amount of years they’ve spent torturing students (Seriously, I don’t care you’ve been teaching going on 37 years now!).
To them, school comes first. Don’t get me wrong, school is important but SHIT, you think I don’t have anything else important going on that also requires my attention?! I am working 40+ hours a week, planning a wedding, all while continuing on with my daily requirements of taking care of my house, family, etc. So I’m so fucking sorry I turned an assignment in the wrong format. Did I read your syllabus? I breezed through it. I get it. You don’t have the shit you need to view that type of file (though your a college professor of a purely online class..?). At 12AM, I’m not going to be thinking “Hm, I should refer back to my syllabus before submitting this assignment”. I’m gong to be thinking “Yes, another one down, another day survived, I’m exhausted. Time for some shut eye.”
Next thing I know, I have two failed assignments & a personal message from my bullshit professor berating me for submitting my files in the wrong format. So, thank you for failing me. Thank you for being so helpful & rudely reminding me you mentioned this in the syllabus. Thank you for being such a bullshit professor.
I’m so fucking done with college.