I’m really confused and upset rn bc I’m a senior in high sch and I’ll be graduating in a few months. the thing is, i need to start thinking what uni i want to enrol but i don’t seem to have the freedom to do so as my parents (especially my mom) prefers govt universities while i prefer private uni. yes, my family has financial issues but it’s not bad at all. so, i get that if i were to enrol a private uni, it’ll be impossible for me to do so. however, i told them i can try applying for a scholarship but my parents still won’t let me :/ i rly want to enter a private uni since I’ve found a uni that offers the course i want to go for. most of the govt universities in my country don’t offer the course :/ i just don’t get why my parents are so against it. it almost seems like they want me to apply for a high standard govt uni just bc they couldn’t enter that uni when they were still studying. and i also feel like my mom wants me to take a course that she wants. u get me????? idk i feel like my english is super bad here djjdjdj sorry