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Hello, this is my first rant. I don’t know a lot of this stuff so comment things for me to know lmao.
I’m pretty young I guess, and I never “liked” anyone in elementary school, which isn’t normal I guess. I never felt interest in girls as a kid,(1-5 grade). Know I’m in middle school(8th grade). Now I’m confused with my feelings about this girl I guess. My group has 3 girls and 3 boys. So know me and this girl, I’ll name her B, got close all of a sudden. Now I think everybody is targeting me and B to go out or confess our “feelings” or whatever. But I’m confused bc I never had this feeling kind of. Idk if I should just tell my guy friends, or just kind of lowkey keep it to myself. I’m not in the greatest mindset now, because of all this stupid homework and projects. So now I’m stressed, thinking about my feelings and our friends.
If you read this, thank you so much. 😀 please reply, that would help a lot.


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  1. Anonymous

    dude im not gonna lie. im a junior in hs and my brothers ur age. i told him this just the other day. in the moment you think that this realtionship could be real but once it happens ends and becomes the past you look back and reflect on whether or not you both benefited from it. i doubt youll end up having sex (hopefully) so its all a trying ground at ur age. learning how to kiss without slobbering, how to hold hands, being romantic etc. if she is the kind of girl you think you could see urslef dating then work for it.

    Advice? in 8th grade my flirting sucked. its gotten better, treat as u would any friend, but build up a static tension by keeping ur eyes locked on hers. keep a half smile on ur face (girls die for that half smile man) talk slowly and try to touch her on the shoulder or put your hand on hers

    stay well groomed, play a sport, lift weights and make friends

    do all this and i guarantee ull see that ur game improves

  2. Anonymous

    Talk to your friends!!! They’ll probably know what’s up. But be serious about it, don’t allow any jokes, because if you do, they’ll most likely just tell you to date.
    If all else goes wrong, just go for it, maybe you’ll end up liking that feeling.

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