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crazy ass woman

ok so i personally dont like onions and my grandma purposely cooked a dish containing onions for me and said that she put effort into it and i better eat. Like why would you make a dish you know the other person hates and expect them to eat it just because you put “effort into it”. And when i said i didnt want to eat, she took out the cane and beat me, saying “dont think you are smarter than me ah!” Did I think that? NO! But coming to think about it, if we took a test, i would probably be smarter right? Since i was in pain, i started tearing and she beat me again for crying. To be honest, i didnt know crying was a crime ? Is it a crime? IS crying wrong? New law? NO RIGHT! im so fed up with her now.


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The worst nightmare ever

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    0-0 your grandma sounds scary

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