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Crush Blues

I have this incredibly dumb crush on one of my best friends and it’s driving me insane for a couple of reasons. My last boyfriend was my best best friend. We’re still best friends even after we broke up. We were together for 3 years mind ya. Anyways the guy I have a crush on is like my second best friend. AND IM SO CONFLICTED BECAUSE ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GUYS AND SOME OF THEM GIVE SHIT ADVICE. I just don’t want to get in a cycle of dating my friends. BTW my crush and I have been like fooling around for like 3 months now and I really just wanna be with him but he’s like 6 hrs away. He’s working really hard on himself and grinding away at school and work. He’s gunna study abroad too. SOOO BASICALLY MY CHANCES WITH HIM ARE SLIM. But he’s just so sweet and great to be with. When I broke with bestie #1 he was there for me. He helped glue me back together. And he use to have a thing for me in the past but that was when we both weren’t ready for a relationship. Then he got a gf & I had my bf. We’re both in college now and meeting decent people is tough. He said we could try to make it work but I don’t wanna hold him back. He deserves to meet other girl’s while he’s young and stuff. My friendship with him means more to me than my crush for him but UGHHH IM DYINGGGG INSIDE BC he’s SUCH A GREAT CATCH. SIGHHHH


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  1. PastaIsBetterThanYou

    ahh i know exactly how you feel im lesbian (lol and I’m in the closet) and I have a huge ass crush on my best friend and. I don’t wanna tell her and ruin our friendship, because I don’t even know if she’s gay. So like I could just make things super awkward for nothing and it sucks .

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