The general public are just so fucking thick. I have customer service training and customers still make me want to die. I’m too smart for this, I want to have my degree over with already so I don’t have to work in crappy retail.

If I say your food will be with you in about an hour, listen to what I’m saying. ABOUT. Not EXACTLY. If you call me 3 minutes after your expected delivery time whining about it being late, I guarantee my polite exterior is going out the window. Especially if you order online and select ASAP. Do you know what ASAP means? It doesn’t mean EXACTLY the time that it gives you, it means AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. That’s just an estimate. If I have to explain that one more time I might choke a bitch.
And no, I can’t remove your area from advertising on JustEat, even if we don’t deliver there anymore. Wanna know why? Because it works by area code and if I remove you, I remove this whole fucking town, dumbass.
When our manager is away and it gets busy, I can’t guarantee delivery times and have to stop taking orders. So you’re closed then? No dipshit, because we still have a fuckton of food to send out. Oh, you’re a regular? That’s nice, I’ll give you the numbers of the last ten people who called to say that too!
What do you get for spending so much here? Nothing. What do you get for waiting 1hr 30mins for your food? Nothing, because our bare minimum is an hour. You knew that because I told you and you saw when you ordered online.
You think complaining to my manager will do anything? I’m sat with her as she’s lying to you and we’re laughing.
If you order something incorrectly, despite having a menu in front of you and having me repeat it back to you, then no you aren’t getting a free refund. You pay for your own damned mistakes. “Fix this or we’ll never come again!” Bye, Felicia.

Stop trying to tell me how to do by job. I’ve been the only employee here for a year and a half, with my manager stood over my shoulder if she isn’t cooking. If I was the problem, she would have fired me by now. Don’t makeup bullshit laws to find a reason to complain. Don’t order on a peak day/time if you want your food quickly. Don’t make unreasonable complaints. Don’t be a bitch.