I met his boy, let’s name him d, and we used to talk talk. He used to walk me to my classes, talk to me, and text me but this changed. I really needed to focus on myself so I told D, that I wanted to take a break. Looking back now; that was one of the biggest mistake I’ve ever done in my life. He really loved me, and I did too. But I had to do that for me. That was our background story.
At this time, I really miss him. I really do. The problem is, he likes his ex. It really hurts. I always see them in the hallways: they would laugh, and be flirty with each other. He seems really happy with her so I won’t stop them. By the way, D knows how I feel. He told me he liked me a little too but I don’t know now. It seems like he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. He seems to avoid me & ignore me. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me but I don’t know. I just feel like giving up. I’ll just keep updating on what happens. But right now things are horrible.