Okay so here’s the thing… Got tricked into working to a job that I really hate and ending up working there FOR A LONG TIME because me and my girlfriend are living together(need money to survive and shit, y’know? also she started to work there after me) Now I see all of my friends getting the jobs they like, pursuing their dreams and such, this makes me feel very jealous. “Why don’t you do something about it?” some of you might ask(I ask that to myself as well) But this girlfriend of mine have “guilt-tripped” me for so long that I am stuck at my current work. She kept on saying that “it’s alright if I work alone, I’ll just have to work harder…” and “can’t you wait for a while? let’s save up money first, please?” and more! Stupid ol’ me took the bait and everyday, I MEAN EVERYDAY made me stressed, even before she started working there I told her that that workplace is toxic to me. I can’t do the things that I taken up for 4-years in College all because of her and it seems that she doesn’t get why I wanted to work for the course that I studied hard for and my father who spent thousands of money for(I kinda understand, because SHE DID NOT GRADUATE COLLEGE) I tell her all the time that I am not happy at work and it has greatly affected my skills that I have developed over the years of my college life.

So why am I typing shit here? It’s because of her. She gets mad at me ALL THE TIME OVER SMALL THINGS. Then when she got a bad day at work, she also brought it at home(where she insisted and forced me to stay with her the day I got a job, and now I’m almost wasting half of my income for rent and stuff) now she’s all mad at me because I asked her what was wrong. I tried to assume what was the problem and then she just said “Never mind!” and I was like “C’mon you can tell me.” But she still insisted and said “NEVERMIND!” I just sat there for a moment and stood up. I got fed up with it. She really doesn’t understand that I have been enduring and wasting my life for something that won’t get my life any better. I chose to be in college and took that course for a reason, and now she just proved to me that you cannot attain your dreams. She had broken my mind and spirit. AND SHE HAS THE NERVE TO BE ALL MAD AT ME ALL THE TIME OVER SUCH SMALL, TRIVIAL THINGS!!! I MEAN, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK MAN!!

I might not make any sense with my story or you got confused, I just wanted to rant and all. There are still a lot of things that happened that just makes me want to give up life and just be a bum or whatever, just wanted to rant here. In conclusion, all of this started because of her, and yes I BLAME HER FOR EVERYTHING, out of all the things that made me kinda happy is only 30%, 70% is always me stressed, confused and broken. Anyway thanks for reading this and I hope you guys get your shit together and not be like me.