There are two girls that I really like a lot, but I am so afraid to ask them out. I’ve built it up where I’ll ask someone out and they will stop talking to me forever, because that has happened. The first one is a freshman, like me, and we met in theatre. We have been friends for two years now, and I have very strong feelings for her. She is perfect, beautiful, smart, funny, kind, talented, just amazing. The second one I met at a speech contest more recently. Just a few weeks ago. She is a senior and she works as a lifeguard. She is amazing. Hilarious, talented, fabulous. Both of these girls are amazing and I am just a confused freshman who barely made it to state in the speech contest we are all in, who has some sort of eating disorder, who self harms. They both deserve better than me. I’m going to see both of them in a week.