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Daughter choosing to ruin her life because I’m so horrible!

Daughter just got engaged to boyfriend of only 4 months, that she’s seen like three times (lives out of town, neither even own a license). She said that it would be better than having to live with me, because I’m overbearing and domineering. It breaks my heart, because I spend her entire life trying to help her, to be her best friend (which she claimed I was), to always be patient and kind, except when it came to respect and responsibility. But whenever it came time for her to do homework, she would pick fights with me and just say the most awful things to me I’d ever heard in my life. Now I find out from her boyfriend/fiance that she’s BEEN talking smack about me (which is why she picked him – he would be getting a new place to live soon), and when I told her, “You don’t have to get married if you are unhappy here,” she just went off fast and loose on me.
My heart is shattering. It looks like his family is pushing him to get married sooner than later, which I wonder why. She’s 18, he’s turning 24 in a matter of days. He’s HUGE, autistic, just to name a couple of “wins” on this Resume for Husband Material of his that she seems fine with.
WTH am I supposed to do? I honestly don’t know.


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  1. Anonymous

    There is only so much you can do as a parent in this situation. If she says you are overbearing, then trying to discourage her doing this will only make matters worse. I think the best option is for you to be there when/if things go wrong. All children have hard lessons to learn, and that is sometimes just the case. Be there for her and try be supportive even if you dont agree with their options. Having her there for a crappy choice is better than not having her there for a good choice. Sometimes it takes sacrifice.

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