If you are illegal or the offspring of illegals you need to leave . You are not a citizen. You just jumped a fence or waltzed through someones property to get here illegally. You get here and take AMERICAN jobs from actual legal AMERICANS! We have a job shortage in par because of you. Then you get here and expect free education, free food for your children, free healthcare, free living, and the Liberals give it to you so you think what your doing is okay. Then you have an litter of children you can’t afford , attribute it to your religion but in reality its the fact that you don’t know what contraception is or your husbands just don’t care what you think.
You burden teachers with having to learn a second language all because you illegally jumped over here and expected us to speak Spanish. I’m done coddling criminals!
Then theres DACA and DREAMers… so you have anchor babies they should be just as illegal as you. BTW DREAMers just because you are legal it doesn’t make your family legal. When you turn 18 they need to be deported. I don’t give a damn about “separating families” because your parents should have thought about that before they came here illegally!