Excuse my spelling errors. I feel really depressed lately. Like one of the reasons my ex online girl friend, started dating this girl yesterday and she used the same way she did when she asked me out. It hurt me really badly I honestly didn’t think I loved her that much till then. That has been breaking me into two. My parents freaking out at me by yelling, which in turns makes me scared of them. I see things along my walls hallucinations. I have self harmed yes, but the urge is horrible at this time. Everyday I get this urge to take as many pills as I can to kill myself. I have pills initially for another issue that i refuse to take due to the fear of pills/ from my urges to kill myself. This is only getting me started but for now thats it. I just need someone to talk too, I always help everyone but i’m scared to try and get someone to help me. Thank you.