Im really tierd of putting on a fake smile for everyone, no im not alright. I baciclly have no life what so ever, i have no friends and its fricken summer, and i go to the YMCA pool ALONE because i have NO FRIENDS! I have never felt so LOST and SAD. And i can’t talk to my mom or stepmom because they are unsimpithetic JERKS. And like i have said i have no friends to rant to because there all 655 miles away from me. My life has become a fricking blurb and my Stupid mom drags me everywhere she goes when i wish i could just be in my hotel suit because i don’t even own a house for a frickin month. The only thing i have that shows some sympithy for me is my dog. BUT I NEED REAL FRICKIN FRIENDS, I FEEL SO DESPRATE! Its like im hanging from thin branch on a dead tree, all my hope and tolorance is gonna snap, but honestly i have NOTHING to loose. I NEED MENTAL FUCKIN HELP OR IM GONNA BLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW