I can not tell you,
I don’t know how to explain how many mental breakdowns I’ve had.
This world is so shitty.
I can’t stand one DAY anymore.
I have anxiety attacks on sundays knowing that school is coming up.
I’m tired of this actual fucking routine.
Its been going on like this for what feels like forever.
I want peoplr to know that I’m hurting.
I can’t stand waking up.
I can’t stand going to sleep.
I freak out everyday.
I’m broken.
The pain is unbearable,
yet somehow I’m forced to bear it.
I have mood swings.
I constantly make fun of myself to my best friend saying, “yeah, I know, I’m a guy. But you’re lucky. You’re periods last about a week. Mine has been going on for a whole year non-stop.”
My brain hurts.
I can’t think.
Somehow through this shithole I’ve managed to keep my grades at 90+.
But I can’t anymore.
I’m done.
I don’t care if its the end of the school year.
I can’t take 30 more days.
I can’t.
I can’t.
I can’t.
I can’t.
Its like,
every day theres a new problem
that I forget to mention my old ones.
my god.
right now,
i’m focusing on how much shitty school is making my life.
thats barely 1/10th of the problems in my life.
why cant I just kill myself?