I’m 20. But when I think back, there were so many times in high school when I thought, “Why don’t all the hot guys like me? Why do these boring girls get all the attention? Why can’t I just go out with the girl of my dreams? Why am I too much of a pussy to ask her out?” (I’m bi). Well, I never did ask her out. I never did date a guy in high school. I never had enough self-respect to get out and get what I wanted. I wanted grades that reflected my intelligence, relationships that reflected how much love I could give to somebody, peer recognition of how cool I at least thought I was. But, I was always pretty invisible. Oh well. I can’t go back and reverse everything. But, I can strip off the anger and pain of how much people blew me off back then. “Why the fuck would I be Facebook friends with these boring people I knew from high school anyway?” I asked myself. I deleted all of those good for nothing people from my friends list. I don’t want their statuses to waist my time any longer. There are respectful people who I actually care about in this world. Twitter, same thing. Whoops, just lost a follower you don’t give one shit about in real life anyway. Too bad for you. My ex-best guy friend refuses to acknowledge that he followed me 300 miles to my college just to be with me. Welp, screw him too. That girl that I always liked (we’ve been close friends since freshman year of high school) won’t talk to me now that I finally confessed my feelings. Too bad for her. I’m actually pretty cool so if you wanna have a bad taste in people and totally miss out on me, then go ahead. I’ve got a lot to offer. And I am done wasting my time worrying about what boring, inconsiderate, and sorry people think (or don’t think) about me. They aren’t interesting enough to worry about.