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So this started quite a while ago and I thought this nigga was cute a year ago when I just saw him in the halls and shit. This summer the nigga added me on snap and we started talking and shit. I didn’t know much bout him but I found out as we started talking that he was a fuckboy, always saying shitt like “ u wanna talk freaky” or “what would u do if we was in a dark room together”. I avoided the questions with my smooth ass remarks but as we zoom to like 2 months after all this shit, we got “close” as he called it. And then started dating. I stgggggg I knew KNEWWWWW he was a fucking fuckboy but I was like aye this nigga like me he pretty chill….I THOUGHT. But then later on when the nigga broke up with me he said a bunch of rsandom dumbass shit that made no sense to y someone would breakup with somebody…it all just sounded like exscuses. Let’s us take in mind he always was complaining when we was talking that he always got broken up with and heartbroken and shit and then said stuff bout his exes and how they were all hoes.. broken hearted ass nigga. . . I was hella confused too cuz I saw during the day and it all seemed perfectly fine but when we start texting he wanna drop this bomb on me and all these exscuses. So zooming all the way back to the present, he dated a girl 1 week right after we broke up and then another one after they broke up. THiiSSS niGGaAAA oml smh. now he wanna act salty as FUCKK with me.. calling me shit and all that when this nigga wanted MY pussy and shit throughout the whole damn relationship. Now he with his new girl and whenever they always b together I feel him looking at me to see my reaction but I deadass don’t even look his mf way. I ain’t care bout this nigga at all anymore but I just wanna hurt his ass…ya know??? No murder and kill shit but I mean if I get myself a new nigga and just go up in front of him and act all that. *sigh* this helped me a hella lot damn, I’m happy asf I found this website now






  1. Anonymous

    don’t use the word nigga so many times, it is offensive, but i do know ur mad rn so i get that u might not be thinking about that.

  2. Anonymous

    lol you need to learn english nigga

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