My dorm was putting on a Halloween door decorating contest and the top 5 doors would win. I just wanted a reason to decorate the door without looking weird and I thought it would be super fun. The judging would start 9pm Sunday night. I was with my family and they got me back to my dorm after 7pm, so I kinda rush to decorate my door. It gets decorated, I like it, not sure I would win, but I considered it a success. I finished at like 8:30pm so I went on Facebook until it was time to head to the lobby. Once there, the people who decorated their doors were in the lobby and decorated pumpkins while we waited. The judges came back and said that there were so many good ones, everyone would get a shirt. (that was the prize originally.) So I go to get my shirt, and it turns out they didn’t even see my door! They gave me a shirt anyway, but it’s like really? I put in a lot of effort to do it and it took time and I was really worried I wouldn’t get it done on time! To just be like, oh no one saw it and no one cares to go see it just hurts, you know. To have something I was excited about and put time to decorate the door and go to the lobby and decorate a pumpkin with people I don’t know, I just feel so unimportant and that they spread such an inclusive message, then ignore and not care about what I did, I’m more sad then mad, and this rant helped a little. :'(