So, i have serious mood swings and i’ve been in a bad mood all day. And I just argued with my idiot of a boyfriend because he got mad at me because i’m bi and apparently if i sleep in the same bed as a girl at a sleepover, i’m automatically attracted to her and totally want to fuck her, no matter if i have a preference for guys, and i also dont want to fuck every girl. But then later when i asked him to make me feel better, he’s just making me feel like it’s my own fault for being upset and when i told him i was scratching my wrists (a bad habit) he said “how about this? I scratch mine until you stop scratching yours? I’ve already started but to catch up to you, I’ve started with a knife” and made me feel like being upset was a reason for him to cut, knowing how much it upsets me, and forced me to stop when i really cant prevent it, and it made my shaking worse and he said “talk to me” and i told him that my shaking got worse and he said “or dont, whatever, apparently you don’t want help” and he’s being such a dick, and this relationship is already on thin ice, because i have broken up with him before and only took him back after he begged. and i regret taking him back because he said he wouldn’t take me for granted again, and he’s acting like no matter how awful he treats me, i cant leave. and I hate it. and i told him how to make me feel better, by being sweet and he said “i tried. it didnt work.” after he only sent me a short message that wasnt sweet at all, it just made me feel worse. so i just feel terrible and i hate my life and everything he does, and i dont want to go on a date with him anymore but i dont have a choice.