I hate everyone including myself. All my values seem to contradict. I hate how fake everyone is but I just let people do what ever they want to me and I say nothing because I don’t have the energy to argue but I hate other people for not saying how they feel or what they mean. 9 hate people who type shit like this it’s so fucking pretentious and most people don’t actually feel depressed or angry they just want to look that way and I hate myself because I can’t prove that I’m not as shitty as everyone else. I hate children for they annoying as fuck voices and how their always so self centered. They can’t fucking realize that when they say something once and someone responds that saying it again is annoying and I hate parents because if you want to make their shitty child less annoying they only care about how it’s their right as a parent to do this or that despite the fact other people have to deal with their shitty ass kid. I hate myself because I am lonely but when ever I’m around people I’m just annoyed by them they’re always so fake. Aren’t you fucking sad? Shouldnt we be sad? But then you got the people who pretend to be depressed or pretend to have an illness but they just seem fake. Like they don’t actually have feelings. People who pretend to be trans for attention people who pretend to be sick for attention you fuckers make my life harder. And I hate a lot more but I’m so tired now and fucking drained.