Okay, can we like not get these people,. Okay let me explain first. So there’s this guy and I’ve known him for a while now, and this guy is really sensitive I’m talking worse then a girl when her gf breaks up with her over text, and he gets so jealous like oh my God I really believe this guy is a female some times, but back to my rant. This guys, man I treat him like royalty. When he wants to talk about what he feels I’m there, when he has bad depression I’m there to hold him. He talks and talks about his problems to me and I give advice, but the moment that I start talking about how I feel, I get left on read…REALLY?!??, i spend time and energy and love you and all you can do for me is leave me on read?!!!. I have a crush on this person and my stupid brain always goes straight back to him, this happens 24/7 he rants, I’m there to help, i rant, he leaves me on read. Like FUCK OFF, really. And I’ve told him I’ve liked him before and said that he’s on my mind 24/7 and you know what he does, he tells EVERYONE I LIKE HIM, like who does that?!?? I’m just so done with this!!!, but I’m me and will end up going back to him…this is emotionally draining