So last night while my boyfriend was drunk, and he told me to pack a bag before I work tomorrow (today) so I can come by after work. I call him earlier today and he says he doesn’t remember telling me to do that, and that he’s hungover and he just wants to sit home and relax and I’ll just see him tomorrow. Okay, no problem. Blows me off once.

5 hours after he tells me that, he’s out at a bar with his friends. Ok, I’m still not mad at this point.. I’m at work until 10 pm, he felt better, I know the friends he’s with, they’re good people, it’s fine. But he now blew me off twice.

I call him 15 minutes before I leave work, I ask him if he wants me to come by he says he’s leaving the bar he’s at by 10 and he’s going to go home and that he’s drunk already and for me to just go home. Ironic that he wants to go home the exact minute I get out of work… but I still let it slide.

Okay, so now I get home at 11.. I call him to let him know. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand he’s out at another bar. YOU BLOW ME OFF THREE TIMES IN A F*CKING DAY. NOW YOU CAN GO F*CK YOURSELF.

If I didn’t live almost an hour away I’d be that crazy bitch to check up on a motherf*cker. But at this point I don’t even care anymore. He’s a disappointment all around, so what’s one more disappointment? If he ever cheated on me I assure you it’s his loss cos no one would deal with this fu*king bullshit.