Lol I like how this site has a category for government rant. Tells you how much we like our government so much, American government that is. Anyway, I’m here because fuck our government. They’re slimy. They want only your money. They do not give 2 shits about you, your family or friends as long as they get their money. How did we get here? The way our government is currently running has to stop. We need a better system. Not one that allows you to pay your way out of a crime. Not a two party system. Definitely not one that implements fear – which I’m sad to say we all have a small fear of our government. We need one which stands up for its people. We need to know we will be taken care of. No way is Trump’s America going to be better than what America is now. With him as our new President, our government is serious fucked and he’s going G to eff it up even more. Hsksurbflfiamrlgugtjf this is not good. We’re fucked. Bye America. Hello Cooperate America. Blehhh fuck the government. Fuck it’s courts. Fuck it’s jails. That’s all.