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Elder Care

Why is abuse so common in nursing homes and memory care places. The cheap ones are the same as the expensive ones. Why can’t I report abuse without sending someone into a more abusive setting where no one is there to see? I’m stuck between a dung rock and a termite mound. There is no rock or hard place with this stuff. Only sh!t. People keep your elder home as long as you can! They lived a long hard life. Of coarse a lot are losing their mind, life is really hard. They don’t deserve more bs. What would you do? Stay and try to help the situation myself while risking my job, or report and watch her sent away to a place I can’t help or check up on her. What do I do!?!?!?!


Ex Moving On?


Why does she hate me so much?

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  1. Anonymous

    It might be hard but to secretly record these incidents as well as document them then send them anonymously to agencies you feel might want to take this on. Maybe there is an independent group that can use that material to help with addressing this problem. It’s one thing to claim one is great when in fact they’re doing ungrateful things.

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