Okay, I am normally a very easy going person, but I am at the end of my patience and compassion. I can’t take it anymore. Living with someone who throws themselves a 24/7 pity party, is a complete slob in every sense of the word and expects me to clean up after them and their disgusting habits simply because we are related is not something I ever agreed to or am willing to do. Not to mention the constant whining, heavy sighs and constant attempts to garner sympathy for things that are wholly and completely self inflicted. I’m done. I am not a baby sitter, nursemaid, cleaning lady, mental health practitioner or caregiver. Particularly for someone who is well capable of taking care of themselves. I am so absolutely frustrated I want to scream at this person and tell them to grow the @#$% up and get over themselves. Take their @#$%ing meds and start living instead of sitting in a @#$%ing lounge chair all day expecting someone else to listen to their 24/7 bitchfest and offering 24/7 sympathy. Get a @#$%ing life. Stop expecting that others should wait on you hand and foot just because of a familial relation. Stop the passive aggressive bull@#$%. Stop calling me at work because you have no one to bitch at in person. You are on your own. I’m out.