Let’s begin, so things that are normal now but still shitty, my dad is an alcoholic who is a complete deadbeat and is dying, oh but my mom is still in love with him so he comes by to fuck up my life constantly. When my dad fucks up my mom takes her anger out on me, love it. My favorite cousin and one of my biggest role models committed suicide. I’ve had two knee surgeries in the last 6 months and I can’t walk. My best friend puts any guy she’s with before me, when I would do anything for her. The guy I could have seen myself being with for years and years broke my heart by not being able to compromise with me so we took a break which ended up with us breaking up and he didn’t even try to fight for me. Tried to date another guy and all he does is ask me to do his homework and buy him things and constantly annoy me. And finally I’m in a really hard school program and feel as if I will not be able to get through this year and into college.