so last year my dad lost his job, and a guy i had liked and had been friends with for a while (ill call him mason) he was rhe only person really there for me, we talked for a while and by the end of the year we were really close and over winter break he asked me out. yes im in middle school, yes you might think middle school dating is dumb but i thought i actually liked him. during that time i had a friend (ill call her ally) and she also dated this guy (ill call him robert) and us four used to always talk since “mason” and ”robert” were on the basketball team and i was friends with “ally”. robert and me got closer and we were friends, thats it. three months pass by and mason dumps me. everybody thinks i missed the school day after because i was “sooo depressed that he dumped me” reality, only robert new about me having strep throat and i had gone to the doctor. i would say we talked basically everyday, and it became obvious that we liked each other but we didnt want to date to ruin our friend ship. about three months later he decided to ask me out and i obviously said yes. we had only dated for maybe about 3 months before he out of the blue dumped me. right before the school year was gonna start. i was not as upset, i was more confused why he broke up with me. ive had crushes since then. but since robert dumped me we hated each other or at least i did. during a class he said a very racist remark after a friend asked why he dumped me and in his words “oh because shes asian” ive heard remarks about me being asian and im not that type of smart asian, but it hit me hard and ran out of the room crying that day. we had to get us moved away from each other. but just recently we started talking once more. now we are even closer than ever. but after talking on the phone with him last night, i noticed boxes in his home. and he told me hes moving… i dont know what to do. does he like me or what? i would ask my best friend but he told me not to tell anybody. i think i really like him, more than before, but hes moving away in 6 months and i dont know if he feels the same way about me. i just want him back and i want him to atay but i dont know what to do