Me and my boyfriend broke up a week ago today. It was a mutual thing that me and him had talked about and we had agreed to be friends. Since then we’ve been talking here and there and text each other right before we both go to bed. Well from texting him every night and talking I found out that he has feelings back for this girl that he’s liked for four years. Me and him have dated twice and right after we broke up we agreed to be friends then I would find out that he still likes her. Me and him are still really good friends and I care about him a lot but it makes me mad that he is already going back to this girl. Like it’s really hard for him and for me and I get that he’s liked her for four years but she is so rude and nasty to him and she completely uses him and makes him do all her school work and he knows it but doesn’t do anything about it. He just lets her use him and it makes me angry. She has even openly told her friends that she doesn’t like him and people keep telling him but he won’t believe it. I’m trying to move on from him but I’m afraid to because he’s the only guy I’ve met who genuinely cares about your feelings and he expresses his feelings which is nice. He told me that he is going to tell this girl that he likes her this Thursday but I know that she is going to turn him down and none of his friends understand relationships very well so the only person he talks to about his feelings is me. He does talk to his friends but they never understand and always tells people about what he says. Anyway I’m just afraid to move on from him and cut all communication off with him because I still have feelings for him and I want to be there for him when this girl turns him down because I know none of his friends will understand and I don’t want him to feel how I felt when we broke up. I’m just very conflicted on what to do and I’m not sure if I should just stay here with him as a friend or cut off all ties with him and let him deal with his situations on his own. He’s a very nice and genuine guy and he means what he says so I would feel bad to just stop talking to him because he says he wants to be good friends but I just want to do what’s best for me to get over him.