So, me and my ex broke up officially just over a month ago although it was a long time coming and we were technically broken up since October. I didn’t really mourn the relationship up until the official break up because I felt like I still had him there but neither of us were ready to go through with it. Even a month ago, after the official breakup I didn’t really get sad and that was probably because I had such a long time to think about it and accept that it was happening. But tonight i’ve been lying here thinking about it all, going through old messages, and all that for the first time and to be honest IM JUST SO DAMN ANGRY. I gave him my all throughout the three years that we were together, but he just gave it a half ass shot, and it wasn’t until we started to break up that he acknowledged that and apologized and actually wanted to start trying, ONCE I WAS DONE TRYING. He had three years to try, but he only wanted to start after we broke up, even though I mentioned it millions of times while we were together. and now im sitting here missing him because even though he was a douche, I still loved him. And only if he had tried as well, things would have been perfect. Because I know he loved me, but I couldn’t go the rest of my life being with someone who couldn’t show it or actually do something about it. Rant over I guess.