I have this ex friend who I should have never befriended in the first place. Even my other friends warned me about her. They told me how annoying she is but no, I didn’t listen.

I hate how she paints herself to be the ultimate victim. “I was always bullied in elementary school and middle school.”
Oh yeah, I wonder why?
Maybe it’s because you’re fucking annoying and you’re a lil bitch.
There’s tons of good reasons why people bullied you. You have fucking issues. You hit people for no reason. Control yourself, no one wants to be touched by your greasy, hairy, and fat hands.

Here’s a list of why I hate this bitch:

1. She’s the epitome of annoying.
2. She thinks she’s always right.
3. She always wants things to go her way. (Wake up, bitch! Life isn’t like that!)
4. She’s far too over opinionated.
5. She’s far too sensitive.
6. Her facts aren’t right. (She’s so sure of herself but then she turns out to be wrong.)
7. She lies all the time.
8. She’s the biggest hypocrite ever. (She says she hates liars when she is one.)
9. She’s such a conformist when it comes to certain things; like gossiping. (Ex. Some other people were gossiping about a girl and this “friend” has no relationship to the girl but she still calls her a “little, slutty bitch.” Like wtf? You don’t know her at all. Who the fuck do you think you are?)
10. She gets mad over the smallest things.
11. She hates tons of people for no good reason.
12. She’s always exaggerating.
13. She always jumps to conclusions.
14. She’s a special snowflake who thinks she’s had it worse than everyone.
15. She’s so irrational.
16. She’s a fucking pussy. (She’s scared to walk alone in the school halls. Like grow up.)
17. She’s so insensitive to other people.
18. She’s spoiled little prick.

I hate the fact that she lives on my street. Fortunately, she may be moving so I won’t have to see her ugly, acne infested face. Not to mention her fat, stinky, and prickly body. Gross.