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Ex Girlfriend is Back

The LDR started 2009 and ended 3 years after with me wanting to win her back while she just outright shunned the idea. I tried moving on and remained friends with her no matter how jealous I was with her flings back then. Also, before we officially broke up, I found out that she’s already developing some feelings for a classmate of hers who’s in a long term relationship at that time. As jealous and bitter as I was, I couldn’t deny that I still cared for her so much so I suggested that she’s gotta have more respect for herself than settling for being someone’s side chick. In the end, she deemed me as as the most bitter person on Earth (I was) and continued with her delusion of being with that dude who, by the way, has no plans of actually breaking up with his current girlfriend for her. Some more days into it, she stopped replying my messages. I sent her an email containing my thoughts and feelings I still had for her. It was a long one to which she replied a week later saying she’s read it some days ago but only bothered to reply now. I can’t remember the exact reply but it made me feel like she didn’t give any ounce of fuck about whatever it was I wrote her. I was pissed and thought I had enough. I stopped sending her messages and we started to just be total strangers again up until that time when I’ve seen her post something about self-love. I was so weak and still totally head over heels for her that I messaged her again. I remember I told her her profile picture’s beautiful. She said thank you and that was it. The next day, I found myself blocked from her account so I asked a mutual friend if she has any idea what’s going on with her, she just told me to stop it already. Eventually, I did. Some more days into it, she already canceled the account according to the mutual friend, leaving all of us behind for reasons she only know herself. This was in 2014 so again, I tried moving on. After a month or so, with the remaining feelings I still had for her, I tried stalking her again online via friends from her university and found out she’s made a new account with a different name, She also revived her canceled account which I wasn’t blocked anymore but unfriended. That ended it for me. It was also a good thing that I went to do further studies and met people in there that it finally got easier for me to just forget about her. Now fast forward to 2016, at exactly 4 days ago, I received a notification from her. A friend request. In my head I wanted to ask why? And also what could this be about? I didn’t feel like fretting about it at that time as I was also anxious about some school stuff so I just went ahead and accepted it without much thought. In my heart, I know I’ve got nothing to fear or be worried about, because I don’t have any romantic feelings for her anymore. If she’s curious about my life then go ahead and snoop. If it makes her feel better doing so then snoop harder. So I accepted without much thought. But now, on the 4th day of accepting her request I’ve been thinking again about the why? Why did she decide to add me back? She didn’t even bother replying my messages from before. Also when I accepted her request, she messaged me saying thanks for accepting and that was it. I looked at her profile and I didn’t even get past her recent album containing an overseas trip before I started asking myself “do you really want to do this?” so I just stopped. I also noticed that she’s only got 1 follower and it was me and I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean, come on! You’ve got likes on your album, don’t tell me all of your friends unfollowed you right after you posted that? I’m just really curious as to why she all of a sudden popped up now. Sure, she’s already working and got an overseas trip by herself and here I am still slaving away in Med school but really what was it about? I wanted to ask her but I am aware that I’m not on my most emotionally stable self now due to some school stuff. But still I want to know, without me initiating again this time. My curiosity is keeping me anxious but I don’t really feel like acting on it yet. Right now, if she feels like going through my stuff, I’m fine with it. It’ll really piss me off though if she all of a sudden decide to just block me again and delete her account. I’ve been treated like a fool once and it’ll really be irritating if I can’t even do a come back.


Idk why im posting this :(


Raising a child

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  1. John

    This girl is not your friend. She wants to hurt you or needs something from you, possibly both. Its time to say goodbye to your imaginary friend because that’s all she should be.

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