So I dated this girl off and on for a couple years but she never wanted anything serious so we finally just ended the relationship because we wanted different things. But I am so in love with her. And we took a break from talking to each other for almost a year and now we are friends again but it’s really nothing more this time which is kind of nice because there is no pressure for anything but it sucks ass because everytime I’m with her all o can think about is how much I want to kiss her. But so there’s another girl that I kind of like and I told my girl over been talking about above that I’m thinking about dating this other girl but if there is any way that we were going to get back together I didn’t want start anything wiht this other girl. But she told me that I should go for it bc she is really happy being alone. And I ry think she is totally over me and has no feelings at all for me. And that really just hurts like a bitch bc I’m so crazy about her. And I really don’t even want to date anyone else. I just want to be with her. Like all the time. And I just don’t understand how she is just so over me