So my ex and I broke up about a month and a half ago. At first we had little contact (maybe one snap a day, to keep the streak going), but after a couple of weeks he called me at one in the morning, extremely upset because he felt like I never spent time with him/talked to him enough. I always answered his snapchats, he is the one who would stop snapping. He was very drunk and insisted I was just too busy for him and that I was handling the breakup better (I had to be put on xanax). I sent him my schedule and talked to him until he fell asleep. The next day he snapped me all day, and pretty much has since, with the exception of being at work or out with his friend from work (a guy). So we snap almost all day every day, have hooked up a couple of times, and I have spent the night once. The most recent hookup, where he told me I could stay over but I didnt, was Sunday, 9/9/18. Today is 9/14/18. He has snapped me basically all day since then, again with the exception of work. What’s weird and has me paranoid, is that I snapped him yesterday on his way to work, and he didnt open it (which is normal, he will usually open it on break or after work), but he didnt open it after work either. Or after he (supposedly) went out (he goes out every night, just about). He always at least opens the snapchat, even if he doesnt respond, at the latest right before bed. He has insisted that he still feels the same about me (still loves me and wants to try again in the future) and that he hasnt hooked up with anyone and doesnt want to, despite his friend always going out with him and the friend leaving and taking girls home. What do I think? I tend to overanalyze things, and our breakup was because of communication for the most part. He also was ready to settle down, and didnt get that vibe from me (I’m a little younger, I just needed to warm up to the idea and he didnt give me enough time). What do you think? Did he hook up with someone and have them over last night, or am I being paranoid and snapchat just might not be working or he cleared the notification and just forgot it? I snapped him this morning and he hasnt responded, but he sleeps in every day, especially when he goes out the night before. Help?