Recently my friends have been quite close to a girl in my class who everyone likes. She was going through some stuff and likes to spread it around to gather sympathy. However she always tells my friends to exclude me and it really hurt my feelings. Time to time my friends would try to include me back but she just glares at me and says something like it’s personal and I should not be so nosy. There’s nothing I could do to make her like me. She constantly tries to get rid of me in my friend group. Once I was talking to one of my friends, she suddenly just butts in and talks to my friend, purposely excluding me. My friend tried to include me but she suddenly turned to face me and said f*** you and carried on talking to my friend. I don’t dare to confront her yet everyone seems to like her except me. I have to act as if I’m ok with her excluding me and try to laugh it off but it’s hard to as I hate confrontation. She knows how uncomfortable it makes me when she starts talking about a secret that clearly everyone knows except me yet she stills continue. What should I do?