I don’t like drama. Never have. She wasn’t a good friend to begin with. Boys and drama. Boys led to drama and drama led to more boys. It was a cycle she wasn’t breaking. Unfortunately. (I’m being sarcastic) I was pissed today. He didn’t have the nerve to break her heart not once but twice!!!! Who was there to pick up the pieces? Him? Uh no. Me. Both times. He isn’t even a good friend! I made her choose. Wouldn’t you?! She chose her ex man over her best friend. I’m sorry I would choose my best friend over my boyfriend in a heart beat. Because I’m trying to be a good friend. She’s always choosing him, but what about me?? I’m just a piece of garbage she steps all over. Thumbs down if I shouldn’t unfriend her, thumbs up if I should. Be honest. Thx>>>L