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Fake ppl

So this girl my best friend she told me one of my other best friends where talking about me…. I got confused I was mad we don’t talk anymore but the girl that told me that the other girl talks about me we’re still close we go places together and the other day she kept on saying “ok” and I hate when she says that so I left her on read we didn’t talk but then we started having small conversations but she and my ex best friend still talks they post each others conversations I’m pretty sure they talk about me… but Idgaf and I have all these thought in my brain my friend is always saying how she doesn’t like them they’re annoying but yet again she’s friends with them and they say I’m fake……


How are some people so rich


Gosh, frek friends


  1. None

    Isabel I that you

  2. Iamtheetrashlol

    yup I hate people like that I agree

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The place to rant