today I went downstairs to where my sister wrecked the house and I break up and want to cry at the mess she made and my father has got going there. I think someone needs to take them aside and tell them “you got a hide you have, you deserve a good chewing out the way you have hurt and abused your family and wrecked the family home, you have no respect for anyone else in the family but yourself! you destroyed property of family and you wrecked peoples lives, go to hell!”

someone needs to take my father and sister aside and chew them out for what they have done to me and mother and now we have no sense of family and house pride anymore.

she did this. he did this. they did this. why?

hate filled complaining witch rings up today when we were cooking and that witch I could kill her. I wish someone would kill her. I wish someone would really attack my family for the state of our home and they need to learn how to clean. clean clean. my sister is like a demonic spirit. I wish… I need a way out. Earning capacity of my own.

and you youtube hag want to know why kids don’t leave home young as you did at 14 because we had no jobs or houses to go to, they all went to asians and africans and foreigners. no one has sex anymore. is that why you are so bitched out? you left home too early? I bet you sucked off someone to get ahead.

sick of hearing shit from the world.