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First Relationship

I have an idea what it is, so I don’t think I’m going crazy. But dear god he is making me crazy in a bad way, it was perfectly fine at the start just like every other relationship. But then the texts began to slow down and shorten to “I see” “Okay” “Yes” and I didn’t realize until I was scrolling through them, they do say ignorance is bliss. He stopped being affectionate, never said “I love you” ever or any I miss you, etc, I mean weeks went by and I stopped saying it because I thought I was annoying by saying it.

He’s a homebody, which is fine, coming over to his house was fun, playing games and etc was great too. I started feeling bad so I said it felt like I was intruding on his home, but then he says that I’m being intrusive by asking to hang out so much. Okay, sure, I probably asked “Hows Friday? No? Saturday?” But that’s because he never gives me a day to hang out, I only see him less than once a week. Is it so wrong to see someone you love often? So I stopped asking, he can ask me when he wants to hang out then. Whatever. A few weeks ago, I asked him if he even liked me anymore, he just says he feels like we’ve grown apart from each other and doesn’t know how to fix it.. “What do you want to do then?” Just gave him an opening to break up with me, I don’t want to but I’m mentally prepared. He then throws that same question back at me, like bitch I don’t know. Did I mention that his responses take over 3 hours? Well they do, and I’ve waited over 10 hours for a short response before. Anyways, he soon proceeded to tell me that he thinks we have different ideas of how a relationship works, very vaguely told me.

I didn’t know relationships consisted of not talking to each other for a week, and not having conversations of any sort. That sums up the 4 month relationship, which brings us to today; the sole reason of why I am here. I hate ranting to my friends about him, it makes him look bad and that’s pretty all I’m telling them. Today, I just found out that he went on vacation for a week, didn’t tell me anything. Do I have the right to be pissed? Because I’m weirdly pissed, it’s funny that I didn’t know but damn am I mad that I wasn’t even told a single word about this. Am I seriously clingy? It feels like I am but I’m being told that I’m not.




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  1. Rapturegirl

    His an asshole plain and simple, clearly didn’t want a relationship. Communication is very important and a big part of it. You need to speak up more if somethings bothering you dont hold it in, but I totally get where your coming from I been there. If a guy wants to be with you he will and if he wants to talk to you he will. It took me many heartbreaks and jerks to finally find a guy who actually loves me and cares for me and puts effort they are rare so when you find him dont let him go and dont give up, I’m sure your still young and got so much to look forward you will find the right guy who will treat you right and love you as you deserve just like I did.

    • Azn

      Thank you <3 I'm glad you found someone even though I don't know you! I will keep your words in mind because I have a long journey ahead of me

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