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Flaky friends

So im in a group of friends who are really funny and nice, however I get this feeling they don’t like me. Okay so its school holidays and i’m trying to organise a game of laser tag a week and a half in advance. I text if anyone wants to come on Tuesday next week. One of them says they can’t do Tuesday so I suggest we change it to Wednesday. People text me and say they can come so I specifically say TEXT ME TIMES YOU CAN’T GO ON WEDNESDAY because it depends on availability. Im 13, so travelling is kind of an issue. I book for four and I text them the times. TWO of them haven’t even checked the time (which they can’t even make it to) and ask if I can change it. I say no because its a lot of work. They ask if I can car pull. I say yes even though for the both of them its an extra 20 minutes. The day before, yes the day before the game- these two cancel. so I change the booking to two. then I found out another friends coming she just couldn’t text me. So I change the booking AGAIN to three people. This laser tag place is an hour away so I leave at 1 to get there on time for 2. Im stressed because i’m 4 minutes late when I get there. I walk into the place with my mum and I can’t find them. So I call the first girl, who doesn’t answer. I call the second girl. She tells me that neither of them can come, and that I should check my texts. I have no data to receive them, so I don’t really know what she’s talking about. I hang up and there are actual tears in my eyes. I feel like a complete idiot dressed in black. I am humiliated when I tell my mum that neither off them are coming. 2 hours. 2 hours it took out of my time. When I get back I connect with the wifi. They sent texts 13 minutes before they re supposed to be there. even if I received there texts, I would almost be there. Why can’t people just be decent?


Selfish Partner? Or is it me?


hi I have problems

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s not a matter of your friends hating you, it’s just that they’re lazy. My old friend once fell asleep before we were supposed to meet up at a movie. We cancelled.

    It’s a matter of disinterest if your friends invite you to parties and barely pay any attention to you like pathetic ol’ me.

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