So this boy that lives about an hour away from me dm me on instagram calling me cute and added me on Snapchat. We ft like 4 days in a row for hours and texted all the day from the time we woke up to the time we went to bed for like 2 weeks. He asked this girl to prom he said he was just friends with and I didnt care really because I had just met him but I already started to develop feelings for him. So he texted me saying sweet things like I was nice and cute and he was starting to like me and a minute before I could respond he texted again and said he thought we could be good friends. Then he said over FaceTime that if a relationship happend we could try it but of course friendships last longer. So I still had hope but a week later he asked the girl to prom and said “just to be clear I have interest in dating you,the girl I’m going to prom with,or anyone.” I was hurt but decided a friendship would do. That weekend we met did go karts,put put,and basketball and we were flirting clearly and he took me to Chick-fil-A and we had a good time at least it seemed like it. That night he left me on read and didn’t text me the next day and I texted him and got left on read after a super short conversation I have no idea what I did wrong but he’s pretty much ignoring me what did I do?