You know when you just have those friends that you THOUGHT were your friends but it turns out that they were only keeping you around for when they have no other option? Like you hang out with them in almost ALL of your classes but then when they have a party or a gathering they just take the time to not invite you? Even when you are texting regularly, see each other almost daily, etc, but yet if they have a party and invite heaps of people, even people you KNEW they were not friends with, but don’t invite you? Please, just because I may not be “popular”. Like I get that sometimes people come from different crowds and stuff, and that sometimes people don’t invite you because they don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or left out. BUT FUCK THAT IDEAL. I want to make new friends, meet new people, and its kinda hard to put yourself out there when you have a 24/7 week, and no opportunities to go out and meet people, and you are restricted by your age. I don’t care. Just invite me. If I want to decline then that’s my decision, but invite me please. It will make all the difference in my life.