Its hard being a teenager, we’ve all been there. Some if us are born to be the star and have everything, others are left to have nothing but are ok with it. Then theirs me, a general all around guy whos always being called “boyfriend” matterial by lady friends, yet lacks a girlfriend of his own. Especially when in a high school that only has about 80 students per grade level. And with my luck, I’ve all ways fallen for girls in the same friend group, dated one, rejected by another and final had a “thing” with the other but failed to produce anything. The one relationship was shit since she wasn’t comfortable with me, almost as if she dated me out of pity. The rejection came from a girl whos dad calls me her “brother” who also just happened to end up dating one of my beat friends. And third, an amazing person who is dating a total idiot, she kbows this but fails to see that shes much more than he desreves. We tried it for a day or tw while she was on a “break” with him and it was amazing. Yet they got back together and left me where I started, alone. Life and love is crule. Just so happens, almost every week we all get together, along with other frineds to hang out, and everyone has someone, except me. Seeing all of them together hurts, its that lingering pain that resides within me that turns on this sadness within me. It hurts to know I was never choose or wanted. They say “I don’t understand why you dont have a girlfriend” yet they wouldn’t date me either. Not that I’m an ugly guy, maybe a bit average, but not a bad catch as ive been told (unless ive been lied to all my life) but I’m never the one. Now going into college, this pain is bound to simply worsen since I can’t do anything right with women. Don’t get me wrong, they are all amazing people, but after all the fun is over, that feeling of loneliness puts me to tears on my way back home. The inevitable self louthing at the end of the day torments me, makes me think I’m not good enough for anything or anyone.