Ranting about friends is probably the petty-est(?) shit to rant about but the thing is I have a lot of friends but like theres only 2 people I get along w well compared to the rest of them. I’m part of 2 different friend groups. One of been through from middle school and the other are pretty recent and I just feel like I’ve been cutting off both of the groups cause when I focus on one it’s like that group doesnt appreciate me but the other ones do and when I do the reverse it’s the same thing. LIKE WTFSJSBS okay sometimes I really just wanna not have any friends cause I’m completely fine with just like 1 person but at times the loneliness kicks in. I sound like a complete idiot rn but idek what I’m feeling rn. Honestly fuck everyone ugh I really just wanna focus on my studies but I cant even seem to do that. It’s like that horrible and sad feeling that’s overwhelming me when I try to do anything. I wanna cry but like the tears arent coming out life’s good smh