ok so somebody i know was like lets take japanese lessons and i was like yes! because i actually went to Japan last summer but she hasn’t signed up for lessons yet. I’ve already been to 3 and she keeps telling me she will but she hasn’t she keeps telling me it’s because of anxiety and I get that but I’m kind of getting angry that we agreed to sign up for these together and she’s bailed on me. We agreed to have our parents rotate driving us to The Institute and my mom keeps asking when is she going to drive you to lessons and I keep saying I don’t know. Am I being a b**** about this or is this actually something to get mad about I spent money for these lessons and she’s not even going to take them and my mom is wasting her time taking me to lessons when our parents was supposed to rotate I understand I understand she has anxiety but I feel like she should be trying to put in lieu of an effort into doing this considering I spent all this money to do it and only did it because she said she do with me.