So. My friend loves my cooking. Why? No clue. She and her husband have SUCH differing and picky tastes.

So, we decided to drink this weekend. My friend’s husband (H from now on) wants to get drunk because he’s 28 and hasn’t really experienced that. But they have no money. They invited themselves over to have a fire and drink, which we don’t care about really. We’ll have fun. But my friend (w from now on) is kind of being a jerk about it. She doesn’t have to come, but she’s going to and she doesn’t know if she’s going to drink and that’s fine. Whatever. But like… when I’m trying to figure out what they like so I can have at least one thing they like she’s all like “that sounds gross.” Or something. And I’m just like YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING NOTHING. If she could make suggestions or ANYTHING instead of telling my that my favorite drink sounds gross. I’m not buying Mike’s Hard Lemonade. I’m sorry. I’m allergic to it, it’s not going to get anyone drunk. No. We’re moving, we are not made of money right now. ARGH.

EVERY TIME. Every time we try to make plans it’s like this. It’s all on me to plan every single detail, and then she wants to change things and harass me to pick times and places and whatever. I love her to death, I’m glad she’s in my life but dang I just need a little bit of relief.