So i have this ex girlfriend who was a really good friend of mine before we dated. Now that we are broken up we are not as close anymore. Anyway so everytime i seem to make a new friend she is some how connected to my new friend ,which is getting really annoying. Like i just want 1 friend or person who doesn’t know her or is connected to her in some way. For example i made this new friend recently and she asked me if i know her and i was like yeah. I then asked how she knew her and she said that she a fan of her brothers work and that they talked once. Ik that to some people doesn’t seem like that bad but when multiple people you become friends say this or say they are friends, it’s like i cant escape her hold. Im try so hard to let go of her and constantly having the reminder of her is not helping and i just want one person who is oblivious to her existence. That’s to that hard of a thing for the world to make happen and that’s not asking too much.
And it does not help the fact that i really really care about her maybe even love her but i cant say any of this because we broke up and that was the end of our relationship. I also really miss her amd talking to her. But then again when i am around her i shut down and can’t function right.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why am i like this.😔